"We’ve experienced many joys together,
Many are the goals we celebrated.
But we’ve also suffered  -
That’s what makes victory so sweet.
This feeling never loses - 
it always wins.
If we believe together - we will win together!”

schwarz-gelbeliebe09 asked: "FC Barcelona :)"

Player Gerard Pique
Wag Anna Ortiz
Thank you so much :))

Send me the name of a football club and i’ll tell you my favorite player and wag from that club.



Neymar - Trip to Valencia.

gosialovesbarca asked: "Fc Barcelona :)"


Bartra probably. They’re all handsome but look at this 

he is the cutest thing in this world


but then he is so hot that hurts

So yeah, Thank you to Marc Bartra’s parents for this beautiful creature

Thank you for asking Gosia<3


1er dia..Superado!!! Let’s go!!!


1er dia..Superado!!! Let’s go!!!