Seny pit i collons

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FC Barcelona’s second day of training in England (7/29/14)

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ah this love :D

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Neymar at Domingo do faustão 24/05/14

"We were always together," said the player, without going into details. "This matter is settled a long time ago."(about getting a new girlfriend)..
Faustão ( the host ) asked him if Bruna can appear since it is Sunday and she isn't filming (Em familia ) and Neymar said : "She's at an event in Sao Paulo".

 ****The couple did get back together in April after their break up in March but they wanted to keep it privately until he come back to Brazil
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Fc Barcelona coaching stuff during training sessions

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1/∞ footballers: dani alves - fc barcelona (brazil)

People always send me messages and tell me “you are a loco”, and I always say “no, I am a good loco”. Because we have an intense way of living and enjoying life, and those who are good locos know what I’m saying.

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Pepe’s excited for the new season, guys.

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Marc Bartra during training session 14.07.30.

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